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GPS tracking
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Key benefits of Advanced Transportation Managment System (A-TMS)
The system combines several logistic automation solutions for maximum efficiency
Automated planning
Automatic distribution of orders in cars according to the limits and goals set by logistician with fully auto, semi-auto and augumented manual routing.
Now one logistician can plan thousands of
Real-Time GPS Tracking

Reduce unexpected logistics risks by using real-time monitoring with status alerts and run more efficiently.
Digital Storytelling
The Future
Change the route when the delivery situation changes, the driver will receive an updated route to the smartphone.
Time is an important resource for a business, and a TMS system allows you to save it. A-TMS allows to optimize business process, control the allocation of resources and costs, and in result to achieve significant savings. Logisticians will have less paper work and tiring check calls, after all automation, and system capabilities make freight management easier.
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We provide a ready-made service, you can start work today.

The system does not require long-term implementation,
cost of ownership is equal to the cost of rent.
Our easy-to-use platform with intuitive UI allows you to automate freight management promptly.
To improve the efficiency of working with A-TMS we offer Youtube video tutorials and educational materials.
A-TMS solves several automation tasks


"Logistics means having the right thing, at the right place, at the right time."
What do you get
Application for logisticians
Mobile Driver App
Server available 24/7
Consultations from our team experts
XML service for integration with your ERP
Built-in Report designer
Software as a service
Alfasoft company provides server operation and
online support of users.

The logistician downloads the A-TMS program to his computer.

Upload your fleet and destinations from Excel, print reports or export planning results to Excel and PDF.

For automatic exchange with your companys' ERP we have provided an easy-to-implement API for your
IT department.
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